Strange Best Collective


Strange Beast Collective present their debut show ‘To Weird to Live, to Rare to Die’. The show blends dance, cabaret, music and performance art with dark and sometimes comic twists  of fetish and BDSM. It explores some of the inherent aspects of the BDSM world such as power play, gender and identity as well as costume and role play though an evening length professional performance that pushes the boundaries of performers and audience alike. Incorporating video, live music and installation this show is a visceral and exciting journey of the taboo.

Join us for the afterparty as we unveil newly designed BDSM play equipment that has gone through the wonderfully bent and creative minds of our installation artists. Enjoy an espresso martini while you watch the demonstrations, or use your imagination to use objects from our ‘Wall of Wonder’.

When: Doors 8.00pm, show 9pm, after/play party from 10pm

Friday, 13th March 2015.

Where: Location emailed 24 hours before show (Brunswick Location)

Tickets: $40 for show and after/play party, $15 afterparty only


Note: 18+ event

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die

13th March, 2015

photos by Ross McNaughton

2. Schoolgirl IMG_6258

2. Schoolgirl IMG_6250

2. Schoolgirl IMG_6293


3. Bang Bang IMG_6329 (crop 2)

3. Bang Bang IMG_6336

6. Cat_Dog IMG_6463

8. Suspension IMG_6713


7. Women (1st) IMG_6509

9. Women (2nd) IMG_6758

6. Cat_Dog IMG_6402

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